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The Shinola Omaha 26×36.5mm is classic


Attempting to dress to impress in your date? The Shinola Omaha 26 x 36.5mm is as classic as it gets. It obtained its name from the Omaha-class cruisers in the U.S. Navy. Like its namesake, it has.

On the exterior, it's fitted with a glossy milky white enamel dial. This makes it a contrasting backdrop for the Arabic numerals and indexes. Just over the 6 o'clock position, it has a sub-dial that monitors the seconds.

Rolex Submariner Steel Green Dial is famous in the watch industry

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The striking green dial makes this Rolex Submariner (Reference 116610 LV) a standout. The green dial displays 18K white gold hands and hour markers. It also ensures high legibility even in the darkest dives using Chromalight technology. Enclosed in a 40mm Oystersteel instance, this version runs on the in-house Calibre 3135. The Calibre 3135 gives the watch a power reserve of 48 hours. It also contains Rolex's Parachrom hairspring, which ensures better resistance to shocks and temperature changes.

Omega is actually slightly lower than Rolex, but in terms of temperament, Omega has a little more style

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In the process of using Omega watches, men must learn the correct combination. When you can carefully understand and choose a more suitable combination, there will be more protection in the selection process. No matter who we are, we have done a good job in matching, so we can buy a suitable watch, so I hope everyone can do a good job of this understanding, and only then can we bring more protection, if In the process of doing it, you are completely unclear.